Homebirth Options in the Area

I have been absolutely swamped with enquiries for homebirth lately and unfortunately it’s not something I am able to offer at this time. So I thought I’d put a post together of all the information and resources I have been suggesting to women.

If you are in Port Macquarie, unfortunately (for us) our local homebirth Midwife is taking a well-earned break.

If you are South of Port then contact Lindi Stark at https://www.lindismidwiferypractice.com/ who will travel up here for births from the Forster area. She will book up quickly so I suggest getting in contact as early as possible.

If you are in Port, Crescent head or Kempsey, you might consider traveling to Lindi for a ‘home away from homebirth’ in an Air BnB. If you’ve read my birth story blogs you’ll know that I did this for my first homebirth and can 100% recommend! We travelled 3hrs to stay near our Midwife and I would do it again in a heartbeat if necessary.

Hayley Fleming is a birth mentor in the Crescent head area and may be able to assist with further resources or information. She can be contacted on Ph: 0401 500 558 or earth2comet@gmail.com

Britt the Midwife is up at Coffs Harbour and services that area including Bellingen. You might also be able to travel to her to birth. You can find her on facebook as ‘Britt the Midwife’.

If none of those options work out, there are many homebirth Midwives all over NSW and beyond. There is a facebook group called ‘Find a homebirth Midwife’ where you could make a post looking for any available Midwife and then travel to them for the birth. Have a birthing holiday! I know this won’t appeal to everyone but the option is there.

It’s important to know that homebirth Midwives book out VERY quickly. If you are wanting to homebirth then I really recommend securing a Midwife the minute that you find out you are pregnant. Just so you are aware, a homebirth with a private Midwife will cost you anywhere between $5-7k. Many Midwives do offer payment plans if necessary.

If you’d like more information or to discuss your options further then please book a consult with me. These can be face-to-face, via phone or zoom – it’s up to you. We can chat about your individual situation and I can personalise the advice or recommendations I make to you.

If you are a homebirth provider and you’d like to be included on this list then please let me know and I’d be happy to add your details.

Many blessings,

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